Solución para un blogspammer?

publicado 22/12/2004, Última modificación 26/06/2013

Sí señores, la zona Rudd-O tiene, oficialmente, su primer blogspammer. Claro, después de una corta visita a InterNIC, obtuve su dirección de correo, tras lo cual procedí a redactarle el siguiente mensaje de correo, para su consumo en la jornada laboral de hoy, más tarde:

>Mr. or Mrs. Glenn Mclemee:

>I am going to ask this only once, and I hope it's for good. So listen very carefully.

>My web log, located at has been repeatedly spammed with links to questionable sites whose domain names you own. I am only making this statement in the extremely improbable case that you are not aware of your sites' day-to-day operational issues.

>I do not give a flying fuck whether you are doing this on your own to increase your PageRank (which may or may not be illegal depending on jurisdiction, but that's not the point), or if you have hired third party services from immoral scum to be performed on bulk web logs.

>What I know perfectly is that you can consider this a threat, and an illegal one at that. You do this one more time, and I will make sure you never do this again in (at least one of) your sites. Now, here is how I'm going to ensure this:

>1. First, I am going to breach into one of your servers and sniff the logs to find out where you or your business associates log on from
>2. Then, using that illegally obtained information, I am going to run exploits on your workstations and install brand new, zero-day, customized spyware/backdoor software, only for you
>3. With this foothold, I am then going to download all your contacts and business associates' information
>4. Once I have my hands on the groovy stuff (see step 3), I will proceed to send an anonymous e-mail, with very detailed information on you, your business relationships and previous scams, to each and every one of them. I sure hope the information I will download from your workstations contains e-mail addresses of relatives that respect you, because after that, they won't.

>This will all be done to make you feel, ten times, what I have to feel each time I have to clean up after you abuse my free community-oriented services for your racketeering scams. In all likelihood, you will stop doing wrong on the Net after you've felt what you routinely cause others to feel.

>Well, I hope everything is settled. Have a merry Christmas, and a happy new Year. And if you have a family (which I don't know — yet), I hope they have the greatest of Christmas as well.

>Yours untruly,

>The Rudd-O's zone