PayPerPost and AdSense: Same ethical issues? Wrong

publicado 06/07/2006, Última modificación 26/06/2013

This is a response to: The Technology Suits » PayPerPost and AdSense: Same ethical issues…neither a problem for bloggers. In one line: this article is preposterous.

It comes down to this: getting paid (directly or indirectly) to lie is unethical behavior. To pretend that there's no ethical problem with PayPerPost is akin to plugging your ears and saying "la la la".

First: with AdSense, the ads are clearly marked and there's a way to send feedback to the publisher. AdSense also doesn't pay you to lie.

Second: since a third party provides the ads, there's less of a source for conflicts of interest.

Third: following the conflict of interest line -- pleaes let me put this bluntly: can't you see that tons of people will start kissing ass for money, and won't disclose this fact? The probability of people lying and kissing ass to get their money (as demonstrated by Scoble when he said the payer needs to "approve" the content before paying) will skyrocket.

To me, this is just a scam designed to destroy the credibility bloggers have attained after long years.

How come people have such difficulty machining ethical issues nowadays? Principles and application, that's all there is to it.