Your misery is the point

published Aug 14, 2023, last modified Aug 21, 2023

Anarcho-tyranny is not an accident of your society — it's a feature.

Your misery is the point

Look at your Western society.  You can see the decline — in particular, with regards to a rise in crime and a reduction in "the system's" ability to solve it.

Is the establishment really unable to solve crime?

No.  It is unwilling.  Because crime bolsters it.

I want to tell you that the crime is the point. It's not a side effect of leftist governance: it's an essential feature. Sam Francis called it "anarcho-tyranny": a descent into managed lawlessness.

Crime is a tool to impose a particular kind of social order.  Here is how it works:

The ruling class is largely safe from crime — in part because they enjoy private security, and in part because they have their own exclusive spaces, where crime is not permitted.  Yes, under anarcho-tyranny, living free from crime is a privilege reserved for the ruling class.  Additionally, laws favor them, taxes are not a problem for them, and they routinely invent new forms of political correctness (a social control technology).

Meanwhile, the tax-producing middle classes are downstream from that.  They are hemmed in and controlled by those means of high taxes, prejudicial laws, political correctness and endemic crime.

When you, as a member of this class, step out onto the street to protest the unprecedented shuttering of small businesses during a pandemic, the riot police arrive in full force and beat seven bells out of you, even though you've always paid your taxes, worked hard and are only out on the streets to exercise your foundational political rights as a citizen.  Meanwhile, evil laws that punish good deeds (like defending yourself, or acting charitably towards others) or trivial acts (like "using the wrong pronoun") continue to fatten the penal code.

Low-level criminals, on the other hand, especially from minorities, are free to riot and loot and murder in the name of "racial justice" or whatever other shibboleth is in vogue.  Any ordinary member of the public who intervenes to stop such madness, if they aren't beaten to death on the spot, is then subject to the full force of the law in retribution for daring to challenge this new order.

Almost as if society had turned to monomaniacally criminalizing decency while turning a blind eye to crime.  No, not almost.  Exactly like that.

This arrangement of organized terror teaches the middle class — the productive and nonaggressive elements of society — a very poignant lesson: do not dare protest against injustice.  Live in fear, stay home, be quiet, don't make waves.  Crime can always get worse, you know?  And if something were to happen to you, who's going to deliver justice?  Hahaha.

The best feature of the system is that the ruling class can wash its hands from this evil, because they appear unconnected to the direct perpetrators of evil — save, of course, for the easy-to-overlook fact that the ruling class, nominally tasked with solving crime, permits and foments the anarcho-tyranny.

Said arrangement is now the default mode of governance throughout much of the West, and especially in cities like London, or New York, or Paris.

The essential nature of anarcho-tyranny is why Western governments and the Western media, which totally colludes in the maintenance of this system, hate somebody like Nayib Bukele: because Bukele is showing by example that crime, even the worst kind of violent crime, is a problem that can be solved quite simply, by the judicious application of force against the perpetrators of crime.

Your establishment needs crime to keep you in line. It's that simple.