When envy becomes destructive

published Mar 27, 2024

There are healthy forms of envy, and really sick ones. A post by Devon Eriksen.

When envy becomes destructive

I've said this before... 

Fascism is sensitivity to disgust that is so extreme that it resorts to authoritarianism to purge the object of that disgust, then continues projecting disgust onto things that aren't disgusting, and purges them, too. 

And communism is sensitivity to envy that is so extreme that it resorts to authoritarianism to steal or destroy the object of that envy, the continues projecting envy onto things that aren't enviable, and destroys them, too. 

The key concept here is destroy

You see, just as there is a healthy version of disgust, whose function is to keep you away from unhealthy things, there is a healthy version of envy. 

Envy is discomfort at others having what you do not. 

The healthy version of envy is the kind that makes you want the good things that other people have, and do what they did to get them. 

But communism is not just envy, it's perverted envy, and it manifests not as a desire for what others have, but as a desire for others not to have it. 

If you live in a slum that's covered in gang tags, it is right and healthy to envy the nice clean upper class neighborhood. 

And a healthy level of envy would motivate questions like how can I get more money so I can move there? or how can I make my street more like that?

But if that envy, that discomfort at others having what you do not, is coupled with a lack of agency, and a sense of entitlement, then attaining the object of that envy by imitating the subject of that envy feels hopeless. 

So the extremely envious seek to alleviate the pain of envy not by attaining the object of their envy but by destroying it. 

This is why communists say billionaires shouldn't exist instead of everyone should have nice things

This is why they say destroy white privilege instead of everyone should have opportunities.

And this is why the commie rioters of 2020 destroyed businesses instead of police stations

American neocommunists [ed.: Biolenininsts], on some level, realize that they are depressed losers. And their realization of this, coupled with the depression itself, makes them give of hope of ever getting their shit together and having nice things.  So the only means they can imagine of alleviating their pain is to make sure no one else has nice things, either. 

One of the reasons that I label so many people "communist" who would not describe themselves as such is because once you realize that communism is based on toxic envy, it's pretty easy to spot who is motivated by that toxic envy

People caught in that spiral are communists, they just don't know it yet. They are in the incubation period. Unless there is a therapeutic intervention of some sort, they will lapse in to full-blown, symptomatic communism, because communism is the logical conclusion of premises they have already accepted. 

If you are burning down department stores, tagging rich neighborhoods so they will look like yours, or screaming for "the rich" to be taxed more, then you are bound for the bottom of the slope, not because it is necessarily slippery, but because all slopes are slippery when you hurl yourself down them at great speed.