Forced electricity rationing may begin in Germany as soon as 2024

published May 24, 2023

"If it is proven that this network overload could occur, then the distribution network operator has the right to dim". The German State will closely control how much energy you are "allowed to have", peasant.

Forced electricity rationing may begin in Germany as soon as 2024

As you can see from what you are about to read, key figures in Germany's electricity supply are already preparing the public excuses for cutting power off from people against their will.

This is yet more proof that creation of artificial poverty and misery is a deliberate goal of the climate cult, and all of their policies cause exactly that.  What they call "energy transition" is simply an euphemistic name for the crisis that their policies engineered — and you will be the sacrifice they're willing to make in order to usher their crisis that will give them more power at your expense.

Remember: you are the carbon they are trying to eliminate.

Energy transition: Where electricity can soon be rationed

More e-cars and heat pumps mean a higher demand for electricity. The problem: In many places, the local networks are not designed for this. From 2024, network operators should therefore be allowed to limit electricity - with very practical consequences for customers.

Barbara Gruber worries about her patients. Gruber works for the Caritas outpatient nursing service in Miesbach. For the day trip from appointment to appointment, she drives an electric car. After a test phase, the Caritas Association of Upper Bavaria has electrified ten percent of its vehicle fleet. Emission-free driving has so far worked without breakdowns. But it is uncertain whether Gruber will still be able to reliably reach each of her patients from 2024 onwards - the available electricity for electric cars could become scarcer in the future. She is concerned that she may soon be unable to do her job as well: "We could no longer take care of our patients. It would be tragic."

Background: The Federal Network Agency plans to ration electricity from 2024. According to forecasts, as part of the energy transition, demand for electricity will increase by more than ten percent in the next few years. At the same time, however, network expansion is lagging far behind, around 14,000 kilometers of infrastructure are currently missing.

Netzagentur: "Local cables are not always designed for loads"

In order not to overload the networks, Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Network Agency, wants to temporarily limit electricity from January. "If it is proven that this network overload could occur, then the distribution network operator has the right to dim," said Müller in an interview with BR at the end of March.

In addition to the turnaround in transport, the federal government is also focusing primarily on electricity in the heat turnaround. When replacing oil and gas heating systems, the heat pump should play a major role. But will enough electricity reach all citizens in the future to operate them? "The local cables and transformers are not always designed for such a load," said the Federal Network Agency at the request of the BR political magazine Kontrovers. "So that there are no delays when connecting the heat pumps and charging devices, the distribution system operator also needs an instrument for control."

Heat pumps and e-cars should be taken off the grid at peak times

In this case, control means electricity rationing. The so-called "last mile" to the buildings is particularly problematic. Cables and transformers there are often not designed for the needs of the future. In order to keep the entire network stable, operators should be allowed to take heat pumps and e-cars off the grid at times of peak load. The Federal Network Agency is currently working out the details.

The power supply can already be throttled at times - but only with the consent of the customer. They are rewarded for this concession with a cheaper electricity tariff. Rainer Meyr is a heating engineer near Augsburg. Only a few of his customers make use of the model: "The switch-off times go into a certain privacy. Something in my house is switched off by an external person." Most of them do not want to accept this intervention despite the price reduction. However, the already known legal framework is clear as of now: Electricity rationing – even against the will of the end customer – will come from 2024.

Nurse: "Patients are not interested in which car I come with."

In Upper Bavaria, Caritas wants to convert a large part of its care vehicles to electric in the next few years. "I hope that appropriate measures will be taken very soon to upgrade the networks," says fleet manager David Kiesgen. But according to the network operator, this expansion will take years. In the meantime, it could become unavoidable to occasionally ration electricity in everyday life. If her vehicle is not sufficiently charged, that would be a big problem for nurse Barbara Gruber and her patients: "They don't care which car I'm coming in. The main thing is that I'm coming," says Gruber.

Update: the German minister Habeck now wants to retroactively creep into Germans' energy consumption, Soviet Union style.  See for yourself:

Those of us who warned the public (about the increasing encroachment of the climate panic cult) were waiting for this type of extreme meddling into citizens' affairs by the State.  That time has now come.

The last time Germany went through a situation like this... that part of Germany was officially called die Deutsche Demokratische Republik.  Just goes to show another way in which "green" really only means Communism.