Ashamed of being rich?

published Dec 29, 2023

Do not advocate for Communism!

Ashamed of being rich?

Are you a Silicon Valley super-magnate with a billion-dollar fortune, or appreciable fraction thereof? 

Were you born into the investor class, with red-carpet access to Ivy League universities, and plenty of family and social circle seed money to build your business once you graduated? 

Did learn entrepreneurship and business management at your parents' knees from the moment you understood the concept? 

Do you feel a vague sense of existential guilt because you realize that the world is full of talented people who didn't get the chances you got?

DO. NOT. ADVOCATE. COMMUNISM.  See a therapist instead. 

You could also endow some charities and scholarship funds and stuff, but most importantly, see a therapist

Your vague existential guilt is not a call to change society. It is just your personal problem, one of the ver y few personal problems you have.  It's a problem that exists in your head, so you must solve it in your head, not by ruining your entire civilization just so you can feel like you are "doing something". 

The problem of lack of opportunities for talented members of the underclass has always existed (ask me how I know), and you are not going to solve it just by thinking about laws for five minutes. 

It ain't that fucking easy. 

Solving society's "forever problems" is not as simple as building a profitable website in an office in Palo Alto, CA. 

Typically the only thing that permanently removes a problem from the human experience is a new piece of technology. Not a new political philosophy. And especially not an old, failed one. 

Communism does not level the playing field. It sets the playing field on fire, and removes the ball. 

And the middle class are not chess pieces for you to move around so you can solve your emotional problems. 

You should not be ashamed of having hundreds of millions of dollars. Instead, you should be ashamed of being a mother fucking communist in 2023

In 1845, there was plenty of excuse for being a communist. They didn't know any better. They had no idea how terribly everything would go wrong, how high the mountains of corpses would be stacked. 

In 2023, you have to be a lunatic or a psychopath. What kind of person looks at 100+ years of mass slaughter, torture, rape, starvation, and brutal totalitarian regimes, and says "yeah, but maybe we could try just a little bit of that, and see how it goes?"

We've seen how it goes. It goes straight to hell, without the luxury of a handbasket. The experiments are over, and the results are in. 

The middle class, and the Trumpenproletariat, knows that. They know perfectly well that communist ideas will be sold under a banner of "soak the rich", but weaponized against them, instead. 

Do you think I am being rude to you? Do you feel like that's off limits?

It's not, and that's the whole point. For you, this is a genteel discussion of hypotheticals; if you lost 95% of your net worth, you'd still eat steak and fly business every day.  For Middle America, or Latin America, or even most of Europe's people, it's an existential threat. 

That's why some of y'all are getting sent pictures of your front doors. Because people who live in a double-wide just outside of Topeka, Kansas have a far better grasp of the ground truth of the early 21st century than you do, and they are trying to tell you that the days of genteel discussion of hypotheticals are over, at least for a while. 

Because while you putter around with abstract ideas to make society "more fair", they are struggling to survive, wondering if their nation can be saved, and trying to think of ways to do so without resorting to a civil war that would rapidly turn into a Rwandan style machete party. 

I don't want that. You don't want that. Even they don't want that. But if you keep doing this bullshit of advocating for Communism, we are all going to run out of alternatives. 

So will you please, for the sake of your nation, your civilization, and your families and children, please stop maxxing charisma and intelligence, and start putting some experience points into wisdom?


It is the entire culture surrounding "captains of the Tech Industry", from birth, that makes them into Champagne Communists.

Autism adjacent techie nerds who managed to make millions or billions off a website, without ever seeing Middle America or what's happening there, are confused by the regular reality of regular folks.

They start to move in elite circles, get lots of attention online, and they start to think about how society should be ordered to maximize some sort of vague goodity-ness.

And then their brain just treats this problem like coding a website for streaming video games. You make up a really smart plan, and write the code, and all the little components execute the code, and some new feature is added, increasing the amount of goodity-ness in the world. Yay!

But societies aren't made of components waiting for instructions. They are made of people, who have their own goals and needs. And laws aren't computer code. They don't make people do things. Instead, they send men with guns to kidnap people and lock them in a concrete box for years or decades.

And autistic-adjacent nerd boys who were born into the investor class, and never had to contend with the physical horrors of being a target of the State, don't fully realize that. Their ability to identify with others is already stunted, and they simply cannot empathize with people they can't see.

So they say really wild stuff about how they want to change the JavaScript of society to add this or that feature.  They really do believe that they can organize society as if it was a game of SimCity 2000 (don't forget to fund those roads to 100%!)

It's no different than the conversations they had in Harvard or Yale or MIT, usually while high: "Bro, like, what if we just took children at birth, and randomly assigned them to different families? Wouldn't that end racism?" They're not literally contemplating tearing an infant from his mother's arms. They haven't thought that far ahead. They're just slinging the shit with their bros.

But when they leave college for the Silicon Valley tech bubble, it doesn't feel all that fundamentally different, but it is. The difference is that, if and when you hit it out of the park, business-wise, people, especially other powerful people, start to regard you as not only a grown-ass man, but a leader and a thinker whose opinion matters.

So when one of them, still high on the same weed he was smoking in college, says "let's take away all the inheritances, put them in a big pool, and distribute them evenly", and other autistic tech nerds listen and discuss the idea, then certain people on the other end of the country, inside the Beltway, start to rub their hands together gleefully, and drool a little bit.  These fellows are not autism-adjacent — they are psychopath-adjacent. They just want to get their hands on all that money, and if midwest farm families get dragged off their land by National Guardsmen, hell, that's a bonus, because that right there is their pornography.  (Who had all those children at Waco killed?  Yep.  That's correct.)  Paying some of the peasants minimum wage to beat, shoot, and kidnap the rest is what they get off on.

So they love it when naive public figures start to experiment with totalitarian communist ideas. It normalizes these ideas. And if that happens, they are waiting to pounce.

Your standard Silicon Valley Commie billionaire, in person, is probably a perfectly nice kid, if a little wet around the ears. But when they start playing with dynamite in public, it is necessary for all of us to quickly intervene.

Humiliating wealthy Communists is not strictly the goal — just a necessary side effect. After all, they suffer a lot less than an orphaned 19 year old being dragged out of mom and dad's house because it now belongs to the State.

So-called "captains of the Tech Industry" need to learn to read the room, and not suggest utopian authoritarianism in the very decade that Middle America is disenfranchised, despised, and bleeding from the pocketbook because the political class has been robbing them since before they were born.  Ideally, they'd learn a bit about the history of totalitarianism before they hash out their totalitarian plans in public too.

But that's not the goal, either. The goal is to make insane totalitarian nonsense embarrassing and disqualifying to suggest.

Because it is.